Services and Rates


Standard Swedish Massage: The most common form of massage practiced in the West, Swedish massage involves long gliding strokes to relax muscle tension and stress in the body.  Stretching, Reflexology, aromatherapy and energy work may be incorporated depending upon the needs of each client. Client disrobes only to their comfort level and is always properly draped with a sheet.

30 minutes $35   60 minutes  $60   90 minutes $80

Table Shiatsu: A typical session involves acupressure, compression and yoga based stretching techniques.  It is recommended that a client wear loose comfortable clothing.

30 minutes $35   60 minutes $60  90 minutes $80

Onsite Chair Massage: Ideal for out calls or public events, this form of massage involves stretching an compression moves focusing on neck back and arms using a specially designed portable chair. The client sits upright fully clothed instead of lying on a table. No oils or disrobing is necessary.

$1 per minute

Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that involves lightly laying hands in specific positions on the clients body to improve the flow of Chi, balance the chakras, and facilitate the body’s own healing response. Reiki is safe, noninvasive and often leaves clients deeply relaxed after a session.

30 minutes $25   60 minutes $45

Intuitive Tarot Readings: Erica has been reading tarot since 2000 and currently offers reading up to 30 minutes for a flat fee of $25 per reading.



(916) 407-7283


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